Haely White is One part comedy writer, one part actress & 100 percent late bloomer.

As the co-creative force behind comedy duo, Fancy, she’s starred in, co-written, directed and edited original shorts featured on Funny or Die, Hello Giggles and TV Guide. Fancy is currently developing a comedic webseries coming in 2016.

As a writer and conceptor, Haely’s worked on commercials and branded content for the likes of Beats by Dre, Budweiser, Axe, Microsoft, Mattel, Target (and more), earning a YouTube award for her work on GamecenterHQ’s comedic shorts.

As a online and TV host, Haely’s covered junkets and red carpets for a variety of online channels including AskMen, interviewing the likes of Morgan Freeman, Judd Apatow & Emma Stone. She’s also dabbled in podcasting and once found herself co-hosting Loveline with Dr. Drew and a 102-degree fever. 

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