Hi, I'm HAELY. no that's not a typo. yes it's actually spelled like that.

I’m one part writer, one part actress, all parts late bloomer. For real—my chest was concave until about 18 and I wore an expander that made me talk with a lisp. So yeah, suuuper popular.

I began my career relentlessly auditioning for bad commercials, interviewing A-listers, and blogging for Real Housewives’ Lisa Vanderpump. After a handful of small TV appearances, I made the leap into writing digital and commercial campaigns for top entertainment and retail brands like Taco Bell, Beats by Dre, Budweiser Mattel, Nestle, Target, Snickers Bites, Microsoft, Axe and more.

Upon realizing I could write my own content then cast myself in it (cue light bulb), I studied at Upright Citizens Brigade and began producing original YouTube shorts with comedy duo, FANCY. 

Our short have garnered over 2 million views and been featured all over the web on Funny or Die, Hello Giggles + TV Guide. In late 2016, we launched our first digital series, DATED, named Tubefilter’s Indie Spotlight: Series to Watch with director Rob Burnett (The Mindy Project, The Office). After a successful premiere at Sony Pictures (probably the booze talking), we’re gearing up to develop a lot of new projects in 2017. Pop on over to Originals to watch the series and stay tuned for what's next. ((hugs)) xo